How Does It Work?

TracKey has an app for both iPhone and Android devices. The user friendly app allows you to easily track lost objects, so that you can always be connected to the belongings you love.

Find Objects in a Simple Way

You've lost something? Now you can find it!

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A Distance Indicator

Fire? Water? TracKey app shows you the distance between you and your objects, showing you how far are situated the lost keys.

Objects finder

With a quick tap of your finger, TracKey can show you where are the keys you'd lost - no more objects hidden under stacks of paper! Finding your keys has never been so simple.

Remote Camera Shutter

No more heavy selfie-sticks that limit you and fail your photo! Make a wonderful full-length selfie without the tiring timer. Shut that pic in the right moment!

A Telephone detector

You cannot find your phone? Simply press the TracKey button on your device to make your phone ring, even if it's in silent mode! Finding your phone is getting even easier.

Signals of removal

You have forgotten your phone again? The personalization of the two-way signal sends you a notification even before you have established you were missing items with you.

Minimalist design suitable for wallets

TracKey is very thin, it has elegant and outstanding design, suitable for any wallets or ID/credit card holder.


When TracKey™ goes out of the 35-metre safety range the app will alert you with a sound, vibration and flash. An alarm can be set on the app or on the phone, or both.

TracKey is Easy To Use!

TracKey is Easy To Use!

TracKey has a keychain and could be attached easily everywhere: to your keys, bag, water bottle, bicycle, pets’ collar, to your favorite belongings or even to the baby stroller or kids’ toy. With TracKey now you can find even more items that you could imagine. Prevent your pet from getting lost again, attached easily to your pet's collar.

My dog is always out of control but I still love her! She is my crazy best-friend. Unfortunately I have lost her several times. At the end I decided to buy TracKey and now I am more than satisfied. I recommend it to every dog owner I know!

Kate Newman

Find Everything!
Wherever You Are!

Use the location history to get informed where and when Trackey was lost even if the connection is broken.The Trackey application will add a pushpin on the map.

I travel a lot, so my passport is everything. I always have the TracKey in my wallet and my business trips are already trouble-free.

Angelina Rose Porter


How much is the working time of TracKey™?

17000 h

What is the TracKey™’s working range?


How loud is TracKey™’s buzzer?


What type of battery is used to work?




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